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Ethiopian Child in Need of Cortisone Steroid Gets Full Body Shea Butter Application

My sister's family was over today and I had the opportunity to apply my whipped shea butter and coconut oil lotion on her Ethiopian-born 17 month old, Nathan.

Background: Nathan has had extremely dry skin his entire life. His skin is so dry and coarse in some areas that it becomes bumpy, causing him to scratch his skin, which then bleeds. Her doctor advised a Cortisone steroid, and she would apply that to his skin. In a follow up visit, the doctor recommended she increase the Cortisone, as he was still suffering from the scratches and bleeding.

Meanwhile, she has been looking for a natural lotion to protect his skin and relieve the constant need for scratching. We spent a few minutes applying the shea butter lotion all over his body and it appeared to immediately soak into his skin.  I was excited to see how well his skin took to the lotion and my sister asked me to make more for her to take home; none of the other products (Vaseline, Udderly Smooth Cream, etc.) worked as effectively and absorbed as well, sometimes even left grease spots on his clothes.  A couple hours later, his skin felt smooth, but it definitely would need another application of lotion as his skin is that dry. Thankfully, he wasn't itching. We'll be watching how the lotion works over time and I'll be back in the workroom to test out the amounts, possibly adding beeswax for longer-lasting lotion absorption.

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