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Kristen: "I recently ordered your DIY kit.  It arrived super fast and everything is great!  I have some cute silicone butterfly molds (for cupcakes etc) so I decided to make the lotion in those.  They worked out really great because the silicone just pealed back from the bars.  Anyway, they were so cute that I wanted to send you a couple of pics! With the kit you sent, I was able to make 10 butterflies and 4 tubes of the lip balm. I am planning on giving several of them as Mother's Day and Birthday gifts."
Diana: "My friend Brenda and I made enough lotion that day that we decided to make samples for our MOPS group. I found this Wilton silicone mold at JoAnn's last month and knew it would be perfect for trial-size lotion bars" Read the rest of Diana's story

The Lotion and Lip Balm Kit includes all the ingredients and supplies pictured here so you can make lip balms, lotion, and even sunscreen and rash cream (with zinc oxide added to your order).  Instructions for hard lotion bars, lip balms, hair butter and rash cream are included with the kit.

To make one batch of rash cream as instructed in the My Buttered Life, baby edition e-book, add one order of zinc oxide to your order.

To make two batches of sunscreen using the recipe in the My Buttered Life, summer edition e-book, add two zinc oxides to your order.

Click the blue "visit store" button to see which e-book is included for free with the purchase of the kit.


Now for the recipes, videos and FAQ:

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VIEW VIDEO: The kit makes 13 oz' worth of lotion, which is the equivalent of 6 family sized bars! (plus lip balms)

How to Make Hard Lotion Bars for Dry Skin, and Lip Balm:

Ingredients: beeswax, shea butter, coconut oil

Combine equal amounts of the ingredients in a double boiler. Melt, stir well, and pour into molds. Molds can be plastic or metal. Ice cube trays and cup cake pans both work great. Lip balms may require extra coconut oil stirred in before pouring. You may want to test some on a plate (drop from dropper, cool, test on lips) before filling tubes.

IMPORTANT: for easy clean up, wipe out the bowl with a paper towel while it's still hot. Then wash with hot, soapy water. 

For easy removal of lotion from container, place in freezer for 30 minutes and it should pop right out.

How to Make Easy Skin Emollient (great for the face):

Ingredients: beeswax, coconut oil (click for instructional video)


How to Make Sunscreen Sunsticks :

How to Make Whipped Shea Butter:

Ingredients: shea butter, coconut oil (click for instructional video)

How to Make Chest Rub (Lois Wood's recipe):


Renee, here's the recipe I came up with for my own eucalyptus-free chest rub.
Measurements are in ml, because I used my son's glass chemistry beakers to melt everything in! :)
30ml cocoa butter
40ml coconut oil
20ml beeswax
2 tsp peppermint oil (use 1tsp for use on babies/small children)
1/2 tsp. lavender oil
1/4 tsp. rosemary oil (optional)
15-20 drops chamomile oil (optional)

Melt cocoa butter, coconut oil & beeswax together, stir well, just before it starts to set up, stir in essential oils. This works wonderfully as a sore muscle rub as well. It's helpful to have at least a 2 to 1 ratio of coconut oil to beeswax to make it softer and more of an ointment consistency.


Paula in Georgia writes:
"I just wanted to let you know, that out of all of the lotion bar recipes on the internet,  that I like yours the very best.  I have already made some lotion bars, with your recipe, and I think that they will be a hit.  I have made a few with Mango Butter, but the Shea Butter ones, felt so much better on my hands.  Thanks for sharing your recipe.  I just love your website." 

Frequently Asked Questions:

I bought your kit to make lotion and now I want to make A LOT more. Where can I buy the ingredients?

From Nature With Love 

(I highly recommend From Nature With Love.  I am in the process of using their products for use in the recipes. They have all the ingredients you need, excellent customer service and a rating option for each ingredient. They also have tutorials and ideas for recipes and even packaging supplies. Full disclosure: I've signed up as an affiliate so when you purchase through my links, I make a little bit of money from them. I only pass on suppliers that I would use and can stand behind.)


How about the tins and molds?

From Nature With Love : some packaging options

SpecialtyBottle for the tins. The molds can be any form of thick plastic, metal or glass containers. What doesn't work is pouring the lotion back into a hinged tin. The edges curl over and then it's difficult to remove the lotion bar. The molds I personally use are ones I had custom made.  Before that, I never did find a mold for the large bars that doesn't eventually warp, or for the small bars that don't crack. Molds made for chocolate-making would work if you find the correct size.  Will I sell my custom-made molds? ... nope, I've got to keep some secrets for myself :)

The scale?  A food scale works great - a digital scale can be found in the kitchen gadget department of Target or Wal-mart.

In the summertime, the temps reach over 100. Can I adapt the recipe amounts to make a more firm bar?

Absolutely. Increase the amount of beeswax to make a bar more firm, or more coconut oil to make a softer bar.  Greasy lotion bars have too much coconut oil and sticky bars have too much shea butter. Adapt accordingly.

Summer Storage: store your shea butter and coconut oil in the fridge unless you can keep it in a cool, dry place, and read here for more tips on making sure your oils stay fresh.

What other butters can I use?

I've replaced the shea butter with avocado butter, mango butter, cocoa butter, and aloe butter, with great results.  When I substituted ingredients, I was using one of the above substituted butters and used the overall ratio of 1:1:1 of beeswax to coconut oil to substituted butter).  (To ensure the same hardness if you're trying a new butter, research the melting point of the butter that you're using in order to find similar melting points as the shea butter or coconut oil.)

My lotion won't come out of the mold. What can I do?

Wait until the bar has cooled completely, then freeze. The lotion should pop out when frozen. Otherwise, it may be the mold and you may have to re-melt it and try again using a different mold.


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