Jennifer in CA: My hair is thick, wavy, and tends to frizz, and seems to absorb all hair products and render them practically useless. The hair butter is all I need to keep it looking shiny with natural waves. I also use it as hand moisturizer in a pinch.


What the Product Testers Reported:

These are from moms of adopted Ethiopian children who tested the product and filled out a survey I sent them:

Mom of 6 year old girl with long, coarse, brittle, kinky hair:

The product was very helpful. We love the way it smells. It made her hair soft to the touch. Her tight curls weren't wound so tightly and her hair was visibly softer.

Mom of 5 year old girl and 2 year old boy, both with kinked, curly hair:

The product was extremely helpful. The hair butter works very well on my little boy and my little girl that has "boy hair" right now. It is easy to apply by rubbing it into their hair and scalp. I love the smell and it makes their hair shiny.

Mom of 2 year old boy with kinked, coarse, frizzy and very curly hair: 

This product has helped the most so far. It was extremely helpful once I cut his hair. When it was long (3-4" or so) it didn't help much. It was extremely helpful for the scalp.

Mom of 4.5 year old girl with very long kinked, extremely frizzy, thick, porous hair:

The product was extremely helpful. It really helped to smooth out the hair and eliminate alot of the frizzes even 3 days later. This sample was the best product I have used so far. I have tried TW, Carols Daughter body creme, Olive Oil & Conditioner.

Mom of 3, 5, 6 year old girls, including herself, with long hair of all types:

The product was very helpful.  It restored/kept moisture, was easy to handle/brush hair, not as many fly-aways, wonderful smell that they liked and they let me put in their hair.

Mom of 3 year old girl with long, kinked, porous, frizzy hair:

The product is somewhat helpful but rubbing on with hands is more time consuming than a spray on product. Smells wonderful!

Mom of 2 year old girl with long, fine "Shirley Temple" curls:

Used twice a day, the hair butter was very helpful on her hair and it made her curls beautiful.

Mom of 7 year old boy and 4 year old girl with long hair:

For my son I used it daily, but his hair is short and isn't in a style.  My daughter's hair is in twists and in this case using the butter was great for styling, but not for while it's in a style (a liquid moisturizer is better for that). It certainly added shine on my son's hair/scalp (we keep it quite short, but he has a little fro-hawk). It kept my daughter's fuzzies down and I didn't have to use gel; it also added a very nice shine. I will certainly be adding the hair butter to our products.



Second Life Hair Butter combines shea butter and coconut oil to add moisture and oils to your hair, with just enough beeswax to add texture and style.

Second Life is made for dry hair and is especially good for coarse, kinked or frizzy hair.  To apply, scoop a small amount of butter from the tin and rub between your fingers to melt. Then apply to hair and/or scalp. Can be used on wet or dry hair. Can be used like a leave-in conditioner. It only takes a small amount!

 Ingredients: shea butter, coconut oil, beeswax, orange essential oil


Q: Can you use heat products after applying the product?

I had Tammy try it out for me and report back the results:

I'm still trying it different ways (with heat protector, without, with mousse, without, etc.) but I have not had any adverse effects.  No smoking, no bad smells, no damage to my hair [other then what I already had (:] and no damage to my flatiron.  I'm really quite pleased.  My oldest daughter was having a bad hair day with a lot of 'flyaways' and frizz, I told her to use just a  touch of hair butter on it and she went to school smiling without a pony tail! 

Hair Butter's History: Kristen became a mom for the 5th, 6th and 7th time when she and her husband added Samuel (age 2), Naomi (age 5) and Olivia (age 7) to their family... all the way from Ethiopia.  Kristen invited her Facebook friends a sneak peak into the first few weeks as she told of the challenges of a toddler who was consistently able to climb out of his crib, the joy of learning to add yarn extensions to her daughter's hair, and the humor in watching her new children assume that a visiting African American could understand their native Amharic language.  When I wanted a chance to try out my developing product on African hair, Kristen volunteered to try it and give me feedback.  My husband christened the hair butter Second Life, both to celebrate the children and orphans who are given a chance to have a family, and to provide your dry hair the opportunity for a second life. After a few weeks of getting the hair butter just right, I videotaped Kristen applying it to her son's hair:

Second Life Hair Butter isn't just for African hair. In fact, it was a formula I used on my husband's and children's dry hair as a styling agent for months before testing on African hair. Here you can see the before and after effects of the butter on my own children's hair:


Amy from TN:

"I just wanted to let you know that we have been home from Ethiopia for almost two months with our beautiful son, Elijah.  We use your Second Life Hair Butter on his hair daily.  We love your product and how great it works with his adorable curls.  Thank you!"

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