May 2013
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Hair Butter: Who it's for... and the Recipe

Last weekend I spoke with a woman named Joyce who remembered meeting my mother-in-law eight years ago. After reminiscing about my mother-in-law’s warm and bubbly personality, Joyce said, “… and she had the most amazing hair I’ve ever seen!”

I totally agreed with her (on all accounts!) but knew that my mother-in-law would say her hair is what has caused her such angst.  She used to complain that it completely lacks of natural oils, which makes it difficult to manage. I really scored with my hubby’s mother when I gave her Second Life Hair Butter a few years ago. She loves it, and says it tames her wild (but beautiful!) locks.

A few of my DIY customers have been patiently waiting for me to publish the hair butter recipe. Here is it:
            1 oz beeswax
            3 oz shea butter
            2.75 oz coconut oil
Melt the ingredients in a double boiler. Just before pouring, add ¼ tsp essential oil (optional), stir, and pour into a jar. Hair butter is ready in a few hours. In warmer weather, add .5 oz beeswax.

Rub a small amount in hands and apply to wet or dry hair. Style as usual. 

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Do these words describe your hair: coarse, dry, wavy, or static-filled? Try the Second Life Hair Butter at a discount and add needed oils to your hair. Get the 1 oz. size for $2.00 off using code “hairbutter”, through 6/10/13. Or buy one for Mom! 

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Last month I worked with a photographer to make 600 customized lip balms for an event that promoted her business. What a blast it is to work with other small businesses!

What people say...
Sara A in HI: I gave a hard lotion bar to my favorite chemo nurse and she almost cried. She said her hands get SO dry from the constant washing that she was losing her mind and my gift came at the perfect time.
Sara S in NH :  I am still so happy with my waves this morning, I wash my hair every 3 to 4 days so the one application of Hair Butter just keeps it looking fantastic!
Coral via Facebook: Do you, could you, would you make a kit for making the French Plum lip balm???? PLEASE?!?!!??!
Nicolle in CO: The lip balm is my favorite Chapstick. I will never use anything else!! It moisturizes my lips.

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