Nichole in NC (a cloth diaper user): My daughter had a little rash from teething diarrhea.  I put on the cream before bed and it was gone the afternoon after I used the ointment. It's not too oily, it goes on easily and doesn't have a harsh scent.

Simply Soothing Also Works On Face Rash:

Shannon in IN (a cloth diaper user): The slight redness was gone by the next diaper change.

Amy from Raising Arrows: Micah had a horrible diaper rash last week and it took care of it immediately!  And it adhered to the sores, unlike most creams, so I am thrilled! ;)

Darci in MI: I have been using the Simply Soothing Diaper Rash Cream for whenever diaper rash arises among my three in diapers. It works great for all of them! I have also shared some with a friend who had a rash on her face and was told to put zinc oxide on it, but she wouldn't because she didn't want to look like a clown. She saw improvement in the rash after just the first application!

 Serenity via email: The cream is AMAZING!  All of my children have had diaper rash issues and we have tried every rash cream known to man and yours is the only one that works. Plus, it doesn't ruin our cloth diapers.  Yeah!!!


Simply Soothing Rash Cream is a special combination of coconut oil, zinc oxide and beeswax to clear painful rashes quickly and provide instant relief. Simply Soothing absorbs into the skin, not the diaper.

The rash cream works best at room temperatures above 70 degrees. Cooler temperatures cause the cream to be "harder" and require additional warming by swiping with the finger.

Ingredients: coconut oil, beeswax, zinc oxide


coconut oil - a soothing, skin-softening oil, coconut oil acts as the base to create a creamy, easy to apply emollient to any rash

zinc oxide - an earth mineral that is non-irritating, non-allergenic, and is a common ingredient in rash ointments and sunscreens

beeswax - a very small amount binds the coconut oil and zinc oxide together into a cream that absorbs into the skin, not the diaper

Johanna in PA (a cloth diaper user): soothed his irritation and prevented it from appearing over the next few days despite the same fruit-intense diet!  It glides over the skin smoothly exactly where you want it!

Joan in MD: 

The rash cream is so smooth and rubs right into our skin. My husband is using it on a rash he's had for a couple weeks. He likes the way it feels. Since the rash cream is so light and mild I tried it on my face. I have sensitive skin due to rosacea. It absorbed right into my skin and did not leave a white oil slick. I like that!

Kristin in WA (a cloth diaper user):

I love this stuff!  I love that I can just put it on and not worry about using a paper liner (defeats the purpose of using cloth!) when I need some rash cream.  Now that it's been awhile, I know for sure that the cream does not affect the diapers.  It's really streamlining my cloth diapering process. Yea!
Thanks for making this great product.


 Are you using Desitin?

Try this instead. With the same active ingredient (zinc oxide) without the extra preservatives and chemicals, Simply Soothing Diaper Cream will provide relief to rashes quickly and effectively, without a fish scent or oily residue. 


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