September 2014
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The Ultimate 2014 ebook Bundle will be here for only 6 days!!!

I have to tell you about this because we've been invited to participate in a bundle that has amazed me every step of the way.  We are personally getting ready to ship out potentially thousands of gifts, along with nine other companies who are also sharing their products with you.

Click below to find out what we're giving away.

MadeOn is a sponsor of the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle.  There are only a few days to get in on it (the last day is Monday, September 15th) or even earlier if 30,000 bundles are sold. MadeOn is giving away a special gift to every person who purchases the bundle. We're not the only sponsor.... You can sign up for an essential oils e-course by Vintage Remedies, I've already put a dental oil to use from OraWellness, and I'm going to redeem my free yogurt starter from Cultures for Health soon. Honestly, this is the best bundle I've participated in yet. Click here to join me!

The ebooks are, of course, the bulk of the bundle, and I think you'll be very pleased with the selection of books that are included. The organizers spent time making sure that these would be mostly new-to-you selections, written by experts in their fields.  You can view the categories of ebooks here

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Disclosure: I am a sponsor (I offer free stuff) and an affiliate (I get a cut if you buy the bundle using my link). Read the fine print about this bundle and read the answers to frequently asked questions about the bundle.

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I'm sharing a coupon code for our store with those who are purchasing the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle, but anyone is welcome to use it. Apply code EB2014 for 10% off your MadeOn purchase.

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Completely unrelated to the bundle… I have a survey up for those of you who like to make your own lotion and lip balm.  This will help me to help you make the best of your handmade gift-giving experience for the upcoming holiday season. I have some really fantastic ideas in store for the kit this Christmas. 
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Hallie in SC: I love the refills, and so do my poor, dry, cracked heels. They are making a recovery thanks to Beesilk.
Ron in MI: Beesilk is an excellent product. It really helps resolve the issue I have with my skin cracking around my fingernails.

Linda in CA: I love the loofah. Some loofahs are too big and gangly. This fits in the palm of your hand.

Brenda in TX: The DIY is an excellent kit. The lotion came out even better than I expected. Everything worked well and was very simple to make. 

A couple ebook reviews from the bundle:

DIY Face Masks and Scrubs by Stacy Karen: Did you know that dried beans can be a part of your daily beauty routine? Read more.

DIY Natural Remedies by Nina Nelson: When you grow up with a dad who manages an herbal company, and you pore over DIY skin care books as a teen, you qualify as an expert. Read more.


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