July 2015 Newsletter


Featuring information each month about the lotion ingredients, the countries they come from, and sometimes... a recipe.

If I had only 1 skin care ingredient to get me through the summer…

I would choose shea butter.

I’m sure you thought I’d say coconut oil (which would my choice if we were also talking about cooking with it), but shea butter has saved my legs, and my face, more than once this summer.

Here’s how:
  • My legs have suffered their usual dryness this summer, but add a daily lap swim to the routine and my legs become all scaly and lizard-like. I have found that a quick and easy application of pure shea butter protects my legs from the harsh pool chemicals. When I have more time, I apply the hard lotion bar to my legs (ideally before bed), but in a pinch, shea butter does the trick.
  • For the face, just pure shea butter becomes an ideal facial moisturizer for dry skin. I suggested this to a customer, Lisa, who asked if I sold facial cream. She wrote back later to tell me: “Tonight is the second night that I have used pure shea butter on my face, and I have been delighted with the results. My skin seems far more balanced, and the pain is pretty much gone. I have tried all manner of moisturizers to try to calm my skin including Lancôme products ($$$) which frankly, didn't help much.”


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Where all the action is…
 Last month I told you about Lauren in Oregon, who helped lead campers at an "herbal day camp for kids" make sunscreen. I asked her to tell me more about how it went, and here's what she said:
   There were about 20 people- kids, parents, and grandparents, plus me and an assistant.  We had two "teams" with 3 families at each stations. 
     Each team had most of their own equipment. Each team tripled the recipe and each family went home with 3-4 ounces sunscreen...
     It was a tricky process doing it with so many people, but they were all happy to have the experience and the kids didn't seem to mind running around and making labels when the kitchen got too crowded.  I think all kids got to do at least one thing- stirring, measuring, weighing, pouring etc.

Thanks for the update, Lauren!


What people say...

Reviewer from Edwardsville, IL: I have used shea butter from other sources, and this is by far the best I have used.  I use it in the chocolate body mousse.

Sarah in SC: I've ordered the Beesilk refill bars many times. It has really helped the eczema on my hands. Thank you, MadeOn, for making a quality product!

Amy in MN:  I use Au Chocolat in the summer as well as the winter. I love how soft it makes my hands, no matter what the Minnesota weather throws at them!

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