Making your own sunblock is easier than making gazpacho!
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June 2015 Newsletter


Featuring information each month about the lotion ingredients, the countries they come from, and sometimes... a recipe.

Yesterday, I received the following email from Lauren:

     Hi Renee,          
          I LOVE LOVE LOVE your sunscreen recipe in My Buttered Life Summer edition.   I'm teaching a kids herbal day camp at the end of June, and as a family project on the last day, I am planning to make your sunscreen with kids and their families.   The only thing I've changed is infusing the coconut oil ahead of time with calendula and lavender flowers for the extra skin healing and antioxidant properties...  

I love getting emails like this because Lauren took my recipe and expanded on it, and then wrote me back to tell me what she did. She plans to share photos after her workshop, and I hope to pass those along to you...
    4-Ingredient Sunblock
  • 1/2 oz beeswax 
  • 2 oz shea butter
  • 2 oz coconut oil    
  • 2 tbsp. zinc oxide powder     
1. Place all ingredients in glass quart sized Mason jar.
2. Melt using a double boiler.
3. Using a stick blender, blend for several minutes until all clumps of zinc oxide are blended well.
4. Pour into glass jar. Sunblock is ready when solidified.

TIP: Break up any clumps of zinc oxide before blending and use a jar that has a flat bottom so that stick blender can reach every crevice of the jar. To clean your equipment, wipe out residue while it's still piping hot. Then wash in hot, soapy water.

Optional: in temperatures cooler than 80 degrees, you can add 2 tablespoons of oil (grapeseed, almond kernel oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, or carrot seed fatty oil - not the same as carrot seed essential oil) to create a softer sunblock. Or, use less beeswax.

Find this and other great summer skin care recipes in the My Buttered Life: summer edition guide, complete with recipes and videos. Get it here:


The My Buttered Life: Summer Edition comes free with the purchase of a DIY kit. To make the sunblock above, buy the DIY kit, plus two orders of zinc oxide, and you're set for the summer.


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What people say...

Chris from WA: I've been wanting zinc oxide for baby balm and sunscreen but it's not easy for me to source. I'm happy to buy it directly from Renee. She has the best price around.

Deborah from Walpole, NH: I've already made 2 of the recipes in the My Buttered Life summer edition and love them! Easy to follow instructions, good information and love that they're made with the least amount of ingredients possible.  I made the sunscreen for my grandson who is allergic to almost all sunscreens that are over the counter and he has had no reaction!

Joan in MD:  The Bug Block stick is so convenient! Previously I've used the bug block bar. The stick is the way to go now!

Have you made one of the varieties of sunblock recipes found on my blog (solid, liquid or sunstick form)? Let me know how it went!
Renee Harris
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