August 2015 Newsletter


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There are two reasons I can’t garden worth beans:
  1. I failed at zucchini, and no matter how many times I planted it, my mint never took off.
  2. The thought of dirt under my fingernails pretty much stops the attempt.
So I turn to Laura Coppinger, author of the e-book Heavenly Homemaker’s Guide to Gardening and Preserving.


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Laura’s e-book is encouraging for the timid gardener, and guides the successful gardener toward how to process the abundance of harvest.  

“My garden grows IN SPITE OF ME,” she says, and then she offers tips to avoid the crooked rows, tangled vines, and endless weeds. Laura suggests planting tomatoes, peppers, green beans, broccoli, and corn because all of these vegetables can easily be canned, frozen or stored. The second half of her book covers how to do this. 
With Laura taking care of reason #1 for me, I did find a solution for my second reason.  Here’s my #1 tip to keep dirt out of the fingernails:

TIP: Scratch your fingernails over a bar of soap before you head out to the garden. When you’re finished in the garden, your hands and fingers will clean up easily.


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  Heavenly Homemaker's e-Guide to Gardening and Preserving includes the following topics:
  • Good Soil
  • When to Plant
  • Avoiding Pests
  • How to Plant
  • Planting Potatoes
  • Planting Potatoes in a Container
  • Supplies You’ll Need for Canning
  • Hot Water Bath Basics
  • Canning Produce
  • Freezing Produce
  • Digging up and Storing potatoes
  • Making Fruit Leather

This guide is FREE with any MadeOn purchase over $10.00 for the month of August.

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Where all the action is…
Made with coffee grounds, our unscented coffee goat milk soap is the perfect addition to the gardener’s arsenal.  It has the added benefit of washing garlic and onion odors right off the skin.

Speaking of soap, our wooden soap pallets are back in stock.


What people say...

Amanda, IL: We have a friend with severe asthma who enjoys gardening with us but can't be around traditional bug spray. The Bug Block bar was wonderfully effective in repelling bugs without the pit mess or irritation to my friend’s asthma. Thank You for such a great product!

Stephanie in ID: For summer when I'm gardening every day, BeeSilk Jr. is the best stuff to use to make my skin not feel like sandpaper!

Michaele in VA:  I love the Bug Block. As a gardener  I was most interested in finding something to keep the pesky flying critters at bay when I work in the community garden. This certainly fills the bill. The scent is quite pleasant and a little goes a long way.

So how has your garden grown this season? Reply and let me know what you're harvesting.
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