March 2014
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   Refined versus Unrefined Shea Butter

Dear Renee,
     Do you have an opinion on refined vs. unrefined shea butter? I notice you use refined; what led you to that decision?
                  Thank you, Katie
I have experimented with unrefined shea butter several times, and I keep coming back to the same conclusion:
  1.  The odor of raw, unrefined shea butter is very heavy; some describe it as "smokey" or nutty, almost like burnt rubber.  The heavy smell does not go away when added to the other ingredients.  Because I don’t scent the products, it’s a difficult odor to mask. Most people who are not familiar with the scent of raw shea butter find it unpleasant. 
  2.   Unrefined shea butter requires extra stability to keep the texture smooth.  The potential for graininess in the finished product is much higher with unrefined shea butter. The graininess occurs when the finished product goes through vast temperature changes.
The process to refine the butter involves naturally extracting it from the shea nut and filtering out any impurities. This results in a creamy, off-white color and extremely pure product. Shea butter is classified by five grades, from A (raw, unrefined), to E (contains contaminates). We use Grade B shea butter. 

The benefits of shea butter are innumerable, from acting as a skin conditioner, to absorbing ultraviolet radiation (to a limited extent). Customers with eczema and psoriasis have told me that compared to the Au Chocolat hard lotion bar, the Beesilk hard lotion bar appears to work more effectively on their symptoms. The only ingredient difference is that Beesilk has shea butter while Au Chocolat contains cocoa butter.

Here's a photo of the shea nut and butter:
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Sensitive skin? Beesilk Jr packs in the shea butter, but leaves out some of the beeswax to make a softer, emollient-like consistency. 

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Where all the action is
An email asking if the Bug Block was safe for pets prompted me to research the essential oils used in it. Not only are they safe, but citronella oil is apparently used as an “anti-bark” addition to one collar product for pets.
 View Bug Block here.

What people say...

Jennifer: I bought Beesilk Jr to use on some dry patches on my face. So far I have noticed a nice difference. Enjoying this product.
Cindy in ME: I couldn't be happier with my purchase of the Beesilk 5 pack as a first time customer: the website, placing the order, and the speed in shipping was superior. I sent a bar to each of my daughters in Virginia and gave one to my daughter in law here in Maine. Everyone loves them. I will definitely order again. Also adding the date for freshness is a great feature!!

Rachel in MI: Second Life Hair Butter is great for frizzy fly-aways.


Hi Renee,

Is beeswax safe for infants?  I didn't know if it could contain botulism, like honey, and be dangerous if ingested.  I love your Beesilk but am scared to use it on my hands around my 8 month old son since he is constantly chewing on his hands. 


The answer is Yes! It's safe. Read why on the blog. 


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