January 2015
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   Skin Care Product Hacks

Have you ever experienced that moment in the shower when you reach for your shampoo, only to find that the bottle is empty? So instead, you use soap to wash your hair? Not quite the same as your regular shampoo, but it does the job.

Here are a few product hacks I’ve used to make one MadeOn product serve a second purpose:
  • The Peppermint Lip Balm generously fingered above the lip and below the nose helps to clear a stuffy nose or calm a headache.
  • Simply Soothing Rash Cream has the ever popular zinc oxide, which also works well for acne.
  • In the summertime, I keep it a stick of Simply Soothing in my purse to apply to the skin as a barrier between the sun’s rays and my skin if my exceeded time outdoors runs the risk of burning my skin. Zinc oxide has natural sun protection properties.
  • Blogger Tsh from The Art of Simple calls my Second Life Hair Butter the “Windex” of skin care (referring to Gus in My Big Fat Greek Wedding who claims Windex is the cure-all for any ailment).  It can certainly be applied to the skin as well as the hair. It will feel a bit greasy on the skin due to less beeswax, but it can do the job.
  • Rub your finger over a Beesilk bar and touch up a static wisp of hair to tame it.
  • Apply any MadeOn product to a minor cut for fast pain relief.
Remember, when you're on the go and purse space is tight, you don't need to carry more than a couple of items.
Let me know if you’ve come up with a MadeOn product hack!
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Make Simply Soothing your go-to product for minor rashes, or the annoying "above the lip" redness some children get from licking their lips too often.

Spend $25 at the MadeOn store, add a Simply Soothing Rash Stick (reg. $6.95) and the rash stick is free. Use code “SSJAN” before February 4th, 2015.
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What people say...

Terri in IN: The peppermint lip balm gives a little zip to my lips and keeps them soft and well moisturized. Love it!

Allissia in TX: Both of my children and I suffer from eczema. Beesilk helped get it under control. It has helped my son especially as his eczema was causing unbearable itchiness.

Diana in KS: This is my first experience with Simply Soothing and so far LOVE it! Works so great on my son and easy to use


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