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  How are those feet looking?

What kind of abuse have your feet been through so far this summer?
  • Hot pavement?
  • Chlorine?
  • Excessive time in the sun?
  • Cheap sandals?
  • Dehydration?
  • “Camping feet”?
It’s no wonder our feet take a beating.

I found the perfect tool to keep rough, dirty feet clean: a loofah (or luffa)

While many of you already use a loofah, what you may not know is this:

 -A loofah is not technically a sponge; it doesn’t grow in the sea.
 -A loofah comes from the cucumber family.
 -When harvested as a young fruit, loofahs are edible, but when left to fully ripen, a loofah is very fibrous. It is then completely dried, peeled, with the seeds removed.    

Loofahs work well to clean and exfoliate skin that has worked overtime. Store it in a place where it can thoroughly dry between use.

We’ll have loofahs for sale in the store later this month. 
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What people say...

Jennifer in TX: Love the tin and have purchased the refills as well. My skin isn't parched and dry by the end of the day with the Beesilk!
Christine in PA: Bug Block is an amazing product! I found out about it from 100 Days of Real Food! I used it at the beach last week. Neither myself nor my 2 kids got any bug bites in the evening while wearing Bug Block. I went to an evening BBQ a few nights ago and forgot Bug Block.  What a disappointment as all 3 of us were eaten alive!!! I wont leave home without it again...ever!


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