November 2014
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   Growing Up Among Cacao Trees

Most of you probably realize that your Au Chocolat lotion bar is made with the same base ingredient as your favorite chocolate bar... cocoa butter.

Some of you may already know that the cocoa butter in the lotion bar originated from a pod grown in a tree. Seventy percent of the world’s chocolate is produced in West Africa.

Last month I met a family who lived in Ivory Coast for many years in the 1990s. Of course, I had to ask about the cacao (French for cocoa) trees grown there. Here’s a part of their story:

Lisa: “In the area where we lived, the locals would plant the trees and manage them. They harvest the beans and then they are fermented for about seven days under banana leaves.  They are then turned and covered again, before drying out in the sun for so many days.

We also planted some cacao trees and our kids harvested them in the same way.
We then made chocolate cake with it. It was lumpy and we didn't process it so it was rich. The kids also liked to suck on the cocoa beans when they first came out of the pod. They have a sweet/sour white pulp on them.”

The rest of Lisa’s story, including a story about the first time a native cocoa grower actually tasted chocolate cake, is on the blog:
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What people say...

Brandi in FL: The Beesilk hard lotion is amazing! I was pretty skeptical about hard lotion as I do not wear much lotion but this stuff is so soft, silky, and fast absorbing.
Shirley in PA: My husband had sore, cut up hands from doing a project so I rubbed some of the lotion on his hands. He liked that it was plain scented and did not burn his cuts.



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