Some Blogger Reviews

Katie at KitchenStewardship:

My husband sometimes calls himself “malady man.” He’s had weird, unexplained maladies that no doctor can figure out rather too often. Who knows if they’ll all turn out to be different manifestations of a gluten sensitivity or something else we discover as we go grain-free for a spell! One of them was finally pegged as eczema, and I’ve been making him use my Hard Lotion from MadeOnon his cracked hands, when he remembers (men!). It makes headway, for sure!

Tsh at SimpleMom:

My favorite product she sent me, though, is the Hair Butter (sweetly named Second Life). Oh, the hair butter. You know how I only wash my hair with baking soda. Well, I think I’ve just replaced my apple cider vinegar rinse with a few dabs of the Hair Butter (with ingredients shea butter, coconut oil, beeswax, and orange essential oil). My hair looks amazing with this stuff, if I say so myself. And I love the scent.

Stephanie from Keeper of the Home:

I've struggled with dry, itchy and painful eczema on my hands for a long time. Some things have made a big difference (like cod liver oil, eating less sugar, keeping my stress down and my sleep up, wearing gloves, etc.).

Other things have never really made much of a difference, including the zilllion types of lotion that I have tried over the years. We tried almost everything and though some lotions helped a little, none of them really gave the relief that I needed. Until I tried MadeOn Hard Lotion bars.

Jessica from Life As Mom:

I love it that this lotion comes in bar  form because I can rub the bar on just the backs of my hands, not the palms, and avoid that sticky feeling I get from lotion. And that they are free of chemicals makes them all the more wonderful and convenient to use.

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Now, on to the testimonies....



Does Bug Block work against black flies?

Laura from Michigan:

I just had to write and say that I LOVE your bug block! Not only is it natural/healthy for my skin, but it works! My husband and I were in northern Michigan over the weekend during the pesky black fly season. We used this bar once a day and didn't receive a single bite (even while raking leaves)! I was ecstatic when I got my husband to try it and he loved it. He's not always on board with my "voo doo" as he jokes, but he was with this one!


Beesilk Jr: Before and After photos of a baby with eczema

Hi Renee,

I am writing to say thank you.

My 11 month old DS had very bad eczema since 7 month old. I have spent so much money on products and nothing has worked. I even took her to get allergy test done at 9M and results came back that she is not allergic to any of the item tested.

I read about your product from Nature's Nurture blog so I purchased it. I am writing you because I feel it is a miracle cream! I have only used it on her for a few days and it is amazing how her skin improved. Thank you for taking the time to creat and share this wonderful product and I am very pleased that I can actually make the product for her myself.

Attached is the photo that I took at 7 month old (before using BEESILK) and 10 month old (after using BEESILK), you can see how the product helped her!!

Cheers Anita


Sharon via email:

After giving out your Bee Silk to 12 people this Christmas, I wanted to share some feedback.

One of the teachers who received a bar can't stop raving about how great her feet are now.  She also said that her college age child keeps borrowing "that awesome bar thing" for her own feet.  She says she will definitely be ordering some and how in the world did I ever discover it.

Another went to my 84 year old father.  He had just finished his last chemo treatment and was suffering from a rash.  He'd tried numerous creams including prescription cream.  Nothing helped.  He rubbed the bee silk on and at first it turned his skin brighter red and then almost immediately he had relief.  He claims "that stuff is amazing!  Better than any of that crap they sell in the drugstores.  Where did you ever find it?"

Even my girls (ages 8&9) requested their own bars.

Thank you for a great product!


"Most of my siblings and I have trouble with our hands in the wintertime, and they really flare up when we handle firewood … rather inconvenient since we heat our home with wood! Anyway, I have definitely noticed a difference in my hands and my sisters were saying the same thing last night! The lip balm is great too!"



I have been making batch after batch of lotion bars !
I work for a blood bank and am scheduled at different hospitals. 
I have been giving them to staff snd coworkers as little Christmas gifts.
They all love them.
Im going to try the whipped body butter next. 
Thank you for all your ideas and samples.
Merry Christmas


Kathleen T, via email

Hi Renee-
I love your Bee Silk bar.
My cheeks were chapped the other day from day after day of zero-20 degree weather so I decided to try your bar on it (we use the family size bars on glass soap dishes set around the house for easy access!).  The Bee Silk bar fixed the chapping and left me with smooth soft cheeks so I decided to give it a try all over my face, even around my eyes.  I was worried I might experience pore blockage with the wax and oil components, but I haven't had any trouble.  I lightly wipe the bar around my face and wipe the "lotion" around with my hands next.  While I can't offer any formal proof, I think the Bee Silk bar has even lessened my crow's feet eye wrinkles!  My whole face is smooth and happy, and has a healthy glow.  Bee Silk lotion bar is now my face cream!  I wash with California Baby Super Sensitive Soap/Shampoo, then use Thayer's alcohol free Witch Hazel toner, followed by your Bee Silk Bar.  Love it!


Mary in ID:

What a great way to try a new product and determine if it's something I'd like to incorporate into my life. I've been concerned with all the chemicals in skincare products but haven't know what to do about it. Making my own seemed overwhelming because where do I get all the ingredients? The kit was a perfect introduction. I LOVE how the lip balm feels and stays on. The lotion is equally soothing and I've already had good results with the rash cream on baby bottoms. All this with a clear conscience because I know what's in the product.

I found the instructions easy to follow. It was difficult to get the bees wax to blend with the oils with just stirring as instructed, so I used the immersion blender that I had on hand for mixing the rash cream. The blender worked great.

I chose lavender for the hard lotion and that smells so nice.

I conducted this DIY experiment on a mini-retreat with my mother in law. We had enough product to share between us and give some to a friend. She wants to continue to make her own at home as well.



Kerry in IL: We had 10 friends over and everyone used the Bug Block and loved it. In fact, they all wanted the name of the site and how they could buy it. Even the guys were putting it on an noticed a difference. I will definitely make sure I have the Bug Block nearby!

Anonymous via the survey: Great products! Very pleased with the diaper cream!!!!!

Carrie via the survey: Regarding the lotion bar, "Best if used at night and let sit to soak in." And regarding the Beesilk Jr:  "Hard to get out of tin once used it a bit."

Amy in NM: I recently moved from the humid climate of Minnesota to the dry climate of New Mexico and my skin has suffered severely. From dry, cracked, peeling and bleeding hands to enflamed patches of skin on my body that burn and are irritated, that eventually turn to dry, rough dark patches of skin.  I went back to Minnesota for two months to visit family and my skin healed on its own. I then discovered BEE SILK and decided to give it a try to see if it would help maintain the recovery of my skin conditions when I returned to New Mexico and it has! I bought the DIY kit so I would always have a supply on hand!  I am mixed ethnicity and have very long curly (spiral) kinky hair. The moisture that the hair butter gave was awesome, however I prefer more hold in my hair product to achieve definition of my curls and I didn't get the definition I may have wanted but the moisture was great! I used it in my boyfriend's hair who has wavy hair and it works great!  I loved the peppermint lip balm! just enough peppermint to give that cool sensation we all love but not overpowering. This was a perfect mixture of ingredients, not greasy and not sticky or tacky! I also found that I only needed to apply once or twice a day so it will last a long time! The e-books provide great information! Very clear and easy to follow. Ingredients and amounts are clear and concise and I also appreciate the information on where these ingredients can be purchased. Makes it very easy for beginners like me to make high quality products worthy of sharing with friends and family. My skin THANKS YOU for sharing great products with simple ingredients that get the job done!

Suzanne G: Hard lotion is terrific stuff! Just need to use it more often. Currently use before bed and it would help to use a time or two throughout the day. Love the sample I received recently of tinted lip balm! Wouldn't mind even more color added.  Adore your products and couldn't be happier! Thanks for making such a natural and healthy option available!

Amanda in VA:  Peppermint lip balm- best Chapstick ever used!!  I bought bug block- like it but find it very hard to apply. Doesn't seem to just soften with just body heat.

Dawn in TX: Second Life Hair Butter works great on my short course hair to prevent the icky frizzies.
Love the subtle color of the tinted lip balms and I love the non tinted lip balms as well. My lips crave them.
Thank you for sending the extra lip balm when my original lip balm was broken. I used it my entire vacation. By the way - I love the bug block. It helps cut down on the bugs - I did get a couple of bites but nothing like if I had used nothing at all and I feel so much better using it that a product with DEET. Especially on my toddler.

Zane in CO: I love the tinted Crimson Rose! I'd love it to actually have a bit of a deeper color, but it is wonderful!

Michelle Shaw in MD: I'm a massage therapist so it is AWESOME to have hard lotion for my hands which get dried out after multiple washings.

Teresa, District of Colombia:  I loooooove your lip balm! Why do other lip balms and lotions have to have so many complicated and toxic ingredients?! I feel great about using this product and will definitely order again. Thanks!

Mike in CA: (regarding the hair butter): This stuff is the best!

Deanna: (regarding the lip balm): LOVED it! Way better than Burt's Bees. I got the peppermint. I also got the bug block.  I like it pretty good, it sweats off but otherwise seems to work pretty nicely.

Sara via the survey: Hard lotion is excellent on dry cracked feet.

Bobbi:  The bug balm didn't work as well as I had hoped, but I think it might be particular to skin types. They are hit and miss around this area.

Jocelyn in CA: My daughter has suffered for over 5 years with eczema. We've tried so many lotions and medications but this is the first thing that has worked! Not only has her skin been clear for over a year, but it's the only thing she will allow to touch her skin! She says everything else stings.

Nicolle in CO: This is the BEST lip balm ever. Love the peppermint. Feels great on my lips gets rid of chapped lips.

Michelle in CO: My son has very dry skin & this product works great for him & it healed my cracked heels - Thank you!

Anonymous via the survey: Love your lotions! Thank you for making and selling them. Our whole family uses them.



Julie in CT: We've loved your hard lotion & bug repellent!

Mindy: My feet can get dry and crack, particularly in winter. I've had almost no cracking over this past winter by using the hard lotion bar. 

Anonymous, via the survey: I don't have any skin problem. I used this lotion just to keep my body and my hands soft, and I love it. This is the best lotion I've ever used. The only thing is I wish it also smelled good.

Diane in NC: Love the Bug Block ....the mosquitos love me. This products allows me to enjoy the outside without being bitten. Nice smell and it makes my skin feel good. Would like to see this in a gift bag to share with friends.

Gina: My son has always had extreme eczema since infancy. Now at 7 years old, he experiences episodes throughout the year that require treatment on his "hot spots". A few months ago as I was trying to get his last episode under control, I tried everything I have used in the past with fail. Then, while searching online, I came across the bee silk lotion bar and made my first order. After just two applications on my son's severe dry areas, his skin was amazingly smooth and completely healed. I also use the bar for my heels as well as whole body including my face. I will never use anything other than this bee silk lotion bar. Now my mother in law is hooked as well, after making her first order and using...she also has a pool and users the bug bar and loves it also. I plan on ordering other products from this gal on my next order!!

Jodi in Idaho: Every one in the family loved the Beesilk -- especially my two year old. I used in on my rough elbows, and it really softened them.

Angela, Canada: I have problems with dry, cracked, bleeding hands. Especially in our cold, dry, Saskatchewan winter. It's also safe to use on my kids skin too. That's always a bonus. I actually also use it on some really dry patches that I have on my face. It's amazing the relief I feel after just one application! I love the lip balms! I have problems with angular chilitus flare ups from time to time, especially in winter. The lip balms are wonderful to help keep my lips moisturized without added irritants that aggravate the situation. I also like that I can use it on my kids without concern. I enjoy the tinted lip balms that I've used. I don't use a lot of make-up, and they give my just enough colour.

Gina in TX: I have learned that a little hair butter goes a long way. :-) I use it for my dry scalp and the product is quite effective. I would buy it again!

Cindy Richmond, SC: My daughter is 18 months and has had eczema pretty much her whole life. Beesilk Jr is the only lotion that calms the itching and keeps her skin smooth. She still has the problem all over her body but every lotion I have tried either burns her because of the ingredients or doesn't help the itching. The Simply Soothing rash cream works like a charm. If she has an redness, the cream clears it up soon after we use it.

Jennie: Usually it is a winter issue with my dry skin. My feet are a problem when wearing sandals in the summer. I use the bar lotion to heal them and keep them from cracking. Relief starts immediately and healing continues through the night after applying hard lotion. My daughter uses Beesilk Jr and appreciates how gently it goes on and how soothing it is to her dry hands. She even uses it on her face. I love the peppermint lip balm. It goes on gently and brings relief to dry lips.

Becky: Love the cocoa butter lip balm! the smell reminds me of tanning in the summer when I was a teen ager & rubbing on a block of cocoa butter to get a tan! It glides on my lips so easy & leaves my chapped lips clear! ~ Best product I have ever found, & I went thru 10 different chap sticks from Oct. 2012 to now!

Kara in UT: I thought the My Buttered Life summer recipe e-book was organized well and I have made several of the recipes. They are simple and, of course, I love that they have identical ingredients in most of them. Simple and pure is the only way to go. We've been using the sunscreen for a few weeks an love it. It is waterproof which is an added bonus for us. Love, love, love it.

Charity: My feet are terrible! They're very dry and cracked. I absolutely LOVE the lotions bars! They work amazingly well on my dry feet and my hubby's dry hands. I also love how gently they are on my babies (4 & 2)!

Johnna in Alabama: I use peppermint lip balm and LOVE it!!!

Katie in MN:  I have EXTREMELY dry hands. Beesilk was a miracle. I had tried all sorts of other lotion, and nothing helped for longer than a few hours. I only had to use Beesilk once a day, and it kept my hands smooth- no cracks, no dryness. It is so awesome!

Laurie in WI: I have dry skin from dish-washing. I have no cracks or bleeding any more after using the lotion bar.

Mary H in NE: Love the rose colored lip balm! Just the right amount of color!

Christina in Arkansas: I have psoriasis on my hands really bad. My hands were 95% better just after a few uses of the lotion. Also when I use it regularly I do not have any flair ups/cracked skin.

Kari in NE: Beesilk Jr was effective because I could get more product on my arms and legs Therefore keeping the dryness away longer. I feel like I have tried every natural lotion on the market. The ones that help keep my skin moist I wasn't comfortable with the ingredients. I'm so thankful to find something that finally works for my skin and I don't have to worry about what's in it. I also use this on my baby's sensitive skin and it works great. And again I don't have to worry about what's in it!

Jessica in NY: Earlier this year I had to have a minor surgery but it involved keep the wound clean and covered. The only way to do this was by using medical tape. Unfortunately I am very allergic to tape and I broke out in a rash wherever the tape was applied. Luckily I had some Bee Silk Jr. which I would apply at night where the tape had been and by the next morning my rash was gone! I cannot imagine how bad the rash would have gotten without the Bee Silk Jr. Thank you so much for this amazing product. I cannot imagine how well the actual rash cream must work considering what the Bee Silk Jr. was able to do for my rash. Thank you!

Rebekah in VA: In the summer I don't have much of a problem, but in the winter, my skin is terrible. Beesilk Jr really took care of my winter skin, no more itchy painful skin. The best part is it's without weird ingredients like lotion you get in the store. The hair butter made my hair too greasy, but I think that it's just because my hair type doesn't need quite that much. I'm currently using my leftovers as lotions instead of hair butter. The e-book is easy to read and follow with good tips.

Ilia in Trussville, AL: I have dry skin and some eczema. The hard lotion bar works great on dry skin!

Grynae: I have severe hand rash/psoriasis. The hard lotion kept my hand moisturized really well but didn't improve the condition much. I was not buying the bar as a cure but as a help and it did just as I was expecting very well. Love the balms. Got my chapstick junkie husband to switch over and I'm so happy he's not putting that crap on his face anymore.

Michelle: The BeeSilk Jr is just awesome! I love how it is kinda grainy at first, then melts into a luxurious cream on my skin. I once put it on my arms and wore long sleeves overnight, and in the morning the skin on my arms were the so soft and smooth, I believe the best they've ever felt my entire life. I can't live without it now :) My toddler had a dry red rash on his face. I put a little simply soothing cream on it and saw good improvement the next day

Tammy in NY: I have very dry skin in the winter and dry, cracked heels. I always use the Au Chocolat bar with great results

Jamie in PA: I loved the products and the kit was really easy to put together.

Amy in CT: Hard lotion worked wonderfully on my hands, but I'm still looking for something that works good on my feet. This was very close.

Gwen in PA: I have aging skin but no severe problems. I like to use lotion so I don't feel dry and I love knowing exactly what is in the hard lotion bar. I had one exceptionally dry patch on my hand and no matter how consistent I was with putting hand cream on, it never went away until I started using the hard lotion. I love the way it feels. The Au Chocolat is like aromatherapy in that it makes me happy when I use it! LOVE LOVE LOVE THE LIP BALMS! Gave my daughter (in her 30's with severe eczema all her life) the natural lip balm because EVERY other kind irritates her face and she LOVES it! I'm going to give her the Au Chocolat and a tinted one. I love the tinted one I have (French Plum). I think I would like it to have more color but that won't stop me from using it and getting more! I am so impressed with your approach to your business in relationship to your customers. The fact that you are willing to share the recipes for your awesome products tells me that your bottom line is helping people and not the money. My husband and I have a small business and we are always striving to make our customers happy because we think life has to be more about appreciating and helping each other than getting rich. Love what you are teaching your children through your business philosophy!


Maggie, via the survey: My hands are dry; I live in Utah where it is very dry. I like that the hard lotion bar leaves a nice covering and the texture is very comfortable. It's handy to have in my pocket at work as a flight attendant. 

Natalie in VA: I have mild psoriasis and BEESILK hard lotion worked well at reducing symptoms. Beesilk Jr was very hydrating and gentle on baby's skin. Also, I really like the soap!

Nicolle in CO: I have dry hands. The hard lotion bar gets rid of my cracks in a day!! The lip balm is my favorite Chapstlck. I will never use anything else - it moisturizes my lips. 

Lauri in OH: The lip balm took a bit of getting used to after using Blistex for the last 20 years and having to constantly reapply. This lasted longer without reapplication. I used the My Buttered Life e-book for the sunscreen recipe and used the video. The video was awesome but I would have liked to see the actual double boiling melting process. I never really used a double boiler before so watching the process could have helped. It took a bit longer for the ingredients to melt then I thought, but everything worked out in the end. Your customer service was exceptional. I lost my instructions for the lip balm and lotion for the DIY kit and within a half hour you had a new copy to me. Great service!!

Denise via the survey: I have extremely dry hands and fingers to the point of painful and deep cracks on either side of my fingernails at the fingertips. Fingernails are peeling and brittle. Thumb nail beds are actually receding due to constant splitting and breaking!! The hard lotion provided not a seemingly great long term fix, but great for the short term. 12-18 hours. Definitely most effective during the night while sleeping and wearing my cotton gloves. And doing this on a nightly basis for weeks at a time is also most effective. Hard lotion is great on lips too! The lip balm is a bit grainy. Smoother texture would be better. I love to let my young children use this lip balm because I know it's 100% safe for their growing bodies!

Jamie in IN: I have dry, sensitive skin. The Beesilk hard lotion bar is great stuff - and wonderful for my 4 year son too - he has mild ezcema and hates "cold" lotion -- He LOVES the bars! I am seriously thrilled at finding your products. From the adorable presentation to the pure ingredients, they have been a joy to discover. Even my 4 yr old son agrees -- I LOVE the lotion bars!

Sabrina in NV: I have very dry skin and small bumps on the back of my arms that I had since I was young they completely disappeared after using hard lotion! The products are great I use the lotion bar wherever my skin is dry and it helps! The lip balm helps my dry lips stay very moisturized and they do not make my lips break out like other lip balms.

Amy in WA: My 3 year old daughter and I have eczema. The hard lotion bar didn't help my eczema but it did help my dry hands. The Beesilk Jr completely cleared my 3 year old daughter's eczema. 

Valerie in VA: I used Beesilk Jr. on my two-year old daughter. The rash she's had on the back of her arms for the last year or so started to recede. Hasn't gone away completely but definitely notice a positive difference. Temporarily went back to using the other "natural" "organic" moisturizer previously being used, the rash came back stronger. Think I'll stick with BeeSilk! Really enjoying the products! Admit there was a bit of a learning curve to using the product (took me a while to get used to the less greasy feeling I've come to associate with "coverage" when applying traditional lotion) but overall really glad to be using a truly all natural product that WORKS! Thank you!

Michele in NY: I loved making the lip balms and lotion bars using the DIY kit. They were very easy to make. The lip balm is long lasting and I now have no residue like the commerical brands.

Kristina in Canada: I have rosacea on my face, and very dry skin elsewhere. The hard lotion is a fantastic moisturizer! I tried the Beesilk Jr on my rosacea; it didn't heal it at all (nothing does) but it was moisturizing, soothing, and did not irritate.

Theresa in Minnesota: My husband and sons suffer from very dry skin were their hands get red and irritated and get cracks sometimes. Our whole family uses the lotion bars. We have both the family and small sizes. I like to keep one in my purse. I have also given them out as gifts and have people try mine as well. Such a great product! We love it! The hair butter leaves my hair feeling so soft and easy to manage. I like to use it in place of conditioner. I LOVE the MadeOn lip balms! I have given them out as gifts and they like them just as much. I have used the regular, peppermint, and crimson rose. I personally think the color of the crimson rose is perfect the way it is.

Sara, via the survey: I'm a natural red head with wavy, straight, frizzy, fine, thick, course everything hair! I have been searching for a product like this for years... the hair butter is literally the only product that keeps my waves under control. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Hannah in VT:  I am attempting to go chemical free in all of my beauty products and your lotion and lip balm are the best! The lotion does an excellent job fixing the dry, cracked skin on my hands, especially during the winter and early spring (when we are lambing).

Heidi in Michigan: The hair butter is great stuff. I like that it also works as a lotion so anything left on my hands just makes my skin feel good too. I have a giant mop of long curly hair and this is a great addition to my collection of natural tools for managing it! I  love the scent and the feel of the tinted lip balm I got, it's so cocoa-y. It could use more color but I needed one for bedtime so I have been using it for that. Very soothing :)

Emily in Indiana: I love the My Buttered Life e-Books!! I love that the recipes also have other information, such as purpose, advantages, cost to make, etc. I also love the shopping list part at the beginning of the books that compare prices of different ingredients and containers on different websites. Furthermore, the recipes themselves are incredible and easy for a beginner to make (which is me!), as well as open to variation and creativity. As for what I'd like to see in a future edition, a recipe for tinted lip balm would be great! Beyond that, I'm up for anything, since one day I would love to be making all of my own personal care products!

Janet in NY: I use the Beesilk in winter and it's wonderful - it stops the itch of my dry skin and keeps it supple and nourished. I love your lip balms. They are very effective and I carry one with me all the time. The tinted one - I think a bit more tint would be better. I love your products! Particularly the small Beesilk tin that I can carry in my purse.

Sarah: I've got excema on my hands, which I wash many times a day. Have had horrible cracks and bleeding for a long time- by the end of many days I can't bend my fingers. I feel like the bee silk gets rid of my cracks overnight! I'm thrilled to have found something that works after years of trying everything. Thank you! Got the plum lip balm and its beautiful! I love it!

Debbie in NJ: I  have dry skin and bouts of eczema issues.  Purchased Au Choclat and did the DIY beesilk - love them both ;-)  Purchased bee silk jr for my husband because he though regular beesilk was too hard to spread - still trying to get him to use it, but I love it,, especially on my legs ;-) Love the way your products make my skin feel and am always telling everyone about them ;-)

Alice: Your Beesilk Jr is so amazing. Love it and use it on my daughter. The Simply Soothing Rash Cream works well, doesn't irritate or burn and it's all natural without those nasty chemicals ingredients that I can't pronounce and probably cause cancer. Keep it up. I've told all my friends about your site. I love your products!

Leanne in MA: My hands are generally pretty dry and usually irritated, so I need lotion almost every time I wash my hands. Washing dishes make the irritation worse. I feel with using the beesilk lotion bar, I don't have to apply it as frequently as I did other lotions. (but maybe that's because it takes a little more effort so I try to train myself to go without?)

Michelle: I love your products!!!! The hard lotion heals dry skin and softens wrinkles around the eyes. The peppermint lip balm is the only lip balm I will use. The essential oil is soothing and fights cold sores. Thanks for a super product!!

Sharyce in TX: I like hard lotion much better than I like the version from Lush; in the Texas heat it smooths on and really coats my skin. I use it on my heals and cuticles. The hair butter works as well as designer products for my hair, esp on dry static filled days. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your lip balms-my favorite product from you. I keep them everywhere.

Cynthia in IL: My elbows use to cut people. My scalp was really flaky. I love the Beesilk Jr for the kids and I after the shower. It makes us soft through out the day. I don't have to put lotion on the rest of the day if I do it right after the shower in the morning. We love the smell of the hair butter and how soft it makes your hair. It also has helped my dry scalp. For the lip balms, I have one in the car, my purse, at work, and at home. I LOVE it so much!! Makes my lips so soft and I love that I am not putting anything but three ingredients on my lips. I received the soap as a sample and I am in love with it. There hasn't been anything I have received that hasn't exceeded my expectations. I tell everyone about you and will never buy any other lotion. I can't wait to start using the bug repellent.

Anita: I really like your products. I love the smell and feel on my skin. I especially love knowing that it is good for my skin and is completely safe.

Anonymous: My feet have very hard/cracked skin. Used in conjunction with foot pumice, the hard lotion bar is very effective. Your lip balms are the only lip balms I will use - addicted! Plus I LOVE the coloured ones - especially the rose one - its not too pink but on me looks like my natural lip colour heightened.

Liz in NY: The DIY ebook was my only purchase. I am loving all of the end products from your recipes. They are easy to follow & healthy. I especially love your Baby Edition. Knowing that I am making something real, with no harmful chemicals for my baby is so important. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge!!!

Tracy in NC: I love the tinted lip balm! I was surprised by how much color it gave my lips. I'm replacing my lipstick with the tinted lip balm.

Debra in FL: I have rough heels from flip flops. I use the hard lotion bar and I always tell people to use it for 3 days and your heels will be transformed.

Amy in TN: The hard lotion bar relieves itching and redness from my eczema! Works great for my extremely dry hands during the winter.

Britany in TX: I really love how the Hair Butter works as a sort of wax to hold my hairstyle throughout the day! I've quit using hairspray altogether!!! The lip balm has instantly become my go-to lip balm...and I have a million other brands unused in my drawer! I like it because it doesn't burn my lips like so many others, and so my kids can use it too.

Terri in CO: The hard lotion is the best product I've used for my terribly dry, winter hands. It has especially helped after gardening, although my new gloves may have helped also.

Amy in KY: I have a small issue with my hands drying out because I open a lot of boxes at work.  It instantly helps soothe and soften my hands.

Stacy in PA: I am a hairstylist and cook and garden a lot so my hands are terrible~ I love the hard lotion bar!I loved the tinted lip balm, would love a bit more color though. Thanks, so thankful to have found a way to have healthy hands for me and my little guys!

Wendy: I have extremely dry cracked hands/ fingertips esp in fall and winter months. With regular use, skin on hands improved 75% using hard lotion.

Jenny in Louisiana: I've suffered from dry cracked heels for 20 years. Beesilk makes my heels look 21 years younger! ;)

Jessica M in CA: My elder son, almost 9 yrs old, has dealt with chronic flare-ups of excema since he was an infant. He also has cracked skin between his toes that he picks at and then it gets worse. This condition tends to be worse during the dry winter months. I have used many natural products. I have been slathering the Bee Silk Jr. on and it is getting better. I am trying to do nightly soaks, exfoliation and then Bee Silk Jr with socks to retain moisture. I am hoping it will be the ticket. I love the way it goes on and how the skin absorbs it, without being too greasy.

Angela in WI:  I like that the lotion really sticks to your skin. I feel like it still works even after I wash my hands. It has really helped to minimize the cracks on my hands during the winter!

Megan: Renee, I love your products. I will say that I am still getting used to the hard lotion bars after years of using hand creams. But they work amazingly well on my dry skin. My next purchase will be the Bug off bars because I like that they use all natural ingredients and not chemicals. Thank you for caring enough to make such great products. 

Sadagat in IA:  I love this lotion. I don't have any skin problems, I use it just for dryness of skin. After I started using it, I can t use any other lotion.

Lori in TX: My mother's skin has become very delicate as she has gotten older, and she has Rosacea which is difficult to keep under control sometimes. She had a very bad reaction to a popular brand of 'sensitive skin' skin care and the only thing that helped was Beesilk Junior. No burning, no stinging, just soothing protection and healing. I can't thank you enough, Renee, for these products for my family. My dad even likes the peppermint lip balm - one of the best he's ever used. He's 75years old, so that's saying something!! Blessings to you and your family.

Mary in CT: My eczema is almost completely gone after using Beesilk. And I can wear my wedding rings in the winter now, which I really appreciate!  I like both the Peppermint lip balm and the tinted one, too. I thought the amount of tint was perfect. I really love your products! I've had fun buying them for friend, too. Thank you for making products that are so simple, safe and effective.

Daphne in GA: My hands were VERY dry, the hard lotion brought them back, they are soft again! The AU CHOCOLAT scent was an added bonus...yum! I love, love, love the peppermint lip balm. It relieves my very dry, burning lips and smells so good.

Carly: I love the rash cream. Clears rashes better than store bought creams, goes on easily, and has the added benefit that I know what is in it and I don't have to worry about it harming my daughter!

Jessica from NH: The hard lotion bar cured my winter dry skin!!!  My daughter uses the Beesilk Jr every night before bed. She loves that she can apply it herself. It helped with her eczema. Simply Soothing is the only diaper rash cream I will ever buy. I love that I can read and understand the few ingredients and it works so well.  This hair butter has helped me to move away from chemicals for taming my curly hair. I love this product and am so grateful for it. It controls frizz, my curls look great and I love that it doesn't have chemicals. I  won't leave home without my lip balms! I have them everywhere and no other lip balm is this effective. Peppermint is my favorite and my lips feel great with only one application a day. Renee, we are huge fans of yours. We LOVE everything we have tried. I recently wrote a blog post about how your products saved me on a recent trip to AZ. You can read it here: Thanks for all you do!!!

Sharon in IL: I bought the Beesilk hard lotion for my keratitis pilaris. It hasn't really affected it beyond the moisturizing. Magnesium oil has been my silver bullet against kp. I am very pleased with the texture of the lip balm. It feels wonderful. I am so pleased with your sturdy metal containers. I enjoy the tactile feel of metal, and re-using them. I've recommended your product to a man who works with his hands and they were cracked and painful. I gave him my new full size bar of BeeSilk. And to a teller at my bank who suffers from some kind of painful dry skin rash -- I gave her your name.

Beth: I struggle constantly with dry, cracking, peeling hands. Hard lotion helps greatly with my skin problem! So far it is the only thing that soothes and keeps my hands from peeling, cracking, and bleeding. 

Nancy in NE: I rate all the products I've used so far as a ten, the au chocolat included.  I appreciate you paving the way for those of us who would never have known we could think outside the box concerning skin care!

Kara in Missouri: Hard lotion is great for dried out winter skin. I have used the tinted lip balm and have been satisfied with the little bit of tint and the texture.


March 2013 Testimonials

Scott Leighton, Maine: It's the most effective lotion I've tried.

Chrissy via Facebook: I got my stuff the other day..I've only used it 3 times..and ohhh my what a difference!!!! Thank you, thank you for this product..I can finally wash dishes again(not sure if this is a good thing)lol!! My mom loves it as well and will be ordering some!!!!!

Amanda in MI: I have mostly dry skin and cracking from winter weather in Michigan. I love hard lotion and have not used anything different for 2 years! I love the peppermint lip balm and how not only moisturizes but how it invigorates my lips!

Rachel in OH: My husband has a habit of picking at the dry skin on the ends of his fingers. He has been using hard lotion faithfully and it helps!

Merideth in MO: I love your that they're natural and that they work SO well. Thank you!!! I felt like the Au Chocolat bar was easier to use (rubbed in more quickly and easily) than the Beesilk bar. LOVE the lip new favorite! Have used the Au Chocolat, Peppermint, and the Plum tinted (love the tint)!

Anonymous survey-taker: Regarding the Second Life Hair Butter, I may have just been using too much but it made my hair kinda greasy looking, but i still liked it!

Sue in MD: We have some moderate dry skin during winter months, my son has more severe dry skin in the winter. The Beesilk Jr immediately made a difference in my son's dry, itchy, red skin and with one application a day before bed, his skin problems cleared up completely after about a week. I'm very pleased with the product and the quick shipping, many thanks!

Jessica, via the survey: My daughter had a rash on her bottom. It was a little hard to warm up enough rash cream to get out of the container and put on her. My husband has very bad eczema on his hands and the hard lotion bar has all but cured it! He knows when he hasn't been using the hard lotion bar when the eczema comes back!

Alanna in TX: I liked that the peppermint wasn't overpowering since I really don't like peppermint. However, even with my distaste of peppermint, I LOVE that peppermint lip balm.

Stacy in PA: I make all my food from scratch and am a hairdresser so my hands are often in water and are very dry. I love how the hard lotion bar does not just wash off! Best lotion ever, hands down.  I love the terra cotta lip balm, wish it had a tad more color but either way its lovely.  So thankful I found your products. They have saved my hands from trashy chemical filled lotions. I feel confident even using them all on my children as well, knowing there are no harmful ingredients. Thank you.

Meg in Michigan:  I have severley dry hands from washing dishes often, as a stay home mom it seems my hands are always being washed. I found you through Kitchen Stewardship and am thankful because I needed the hard lotion!!!

Jane in Michigan: During the winter, my feel get terribly dry and my fingertips crack... After 1-2 uses of the Beesilk on my feet, a huge improvement was seen; I love this product! I use the Jr. on my fingertips. I still get cracking, but rubbing my fingertips in the container does provide relief from the pain. I love how it does not sting upon application :)  I enjoyed using the balm and feel 100 % comfortable allowing my 7 year old to use this product (no fear of chemicals). I don't experience chapped lips, but I do apply it every so often just for a little moisture. I love your product and will purchase from you again (I heard about your product via Katie Kimball at Kitchen Stewardship). I do plan on purchasing products to give to friends/family this upcoming Christmas as well.

Jane in WA: I love the BeeSilk. My dry skin starts to go away with continued use of the lotion bar. It also doesn't feel greasy too.  I love the jr bar for traveling. It's great on airplanes too because it isn't liquid.  I like lip balms more softer. It doesn't give me enough moisture. I do like the scent of the peppermint one. I truly love your BeeSilk lotion bar. I've given people a bar as a gift because I like it that much.

Anonymous survey: I love the colors and smooth moisture of the lip balms. 

Jami in NC: My hands are still pretty dry, but I know that I need to make a better effort to use the lotion bar more often.  My daughter swims 5-7 days per week, and nothing seemed to work on her lips. Then we tried your lip balm. Now she's giving tubes of it to her friends on the team. It's fabulous!

Jessica in Arkansas:  I have dry skin issues during winter months. The hard lotion bar is very effective at trapping in moisture and keeping my hands from drying out. I do find it more effective if I use a regular lotion first and then seal it in with the waxy bar, but that's just me. Coupled with a balm, it's fantastic.

Elizabeth in NY: Rating of "10": I will never willingly use another lotion.

Shaynee in OK: I have very dry skin on hands and feet. I like the Au chocolat bar in the winter and the Beesilk when the weather is warmer. I have the Beesilk and Au Chocolat lip balms. May favorite is the Au Chocloat because of it's scent and it glides onto my lips. I also have the Crimson Rose tinted lip balm and really like it too. I do wish that the tinted lip balms had more color. Your lotion bars saved my hands from cracking and being red/chapped this winter. My feet are soft and I don't have cracks in my heels anymore!

Laura in Vermont: We have seasonal dry skin, especially hands and feet. I LOVE using the beesilk! My boyfriend has very dry feet in the winter and it works wonders! I get the benefits on my hands which are dry since I'm the one rubbing it in :)

Lisa via the survey: I loved how the hard lotion went on and didn't feel greasy. 

Hope via the survey: We have normal dry skin in the winter. My husbands job causes his hands to be exposed to weather quite a bit. Your lotion is wonderful. Each member of my family uses the lotion and even my husband, who is an HVAC contractor, wants a bar to keep in his work truck. Nothing we have tried works as well as your product. A friend who recently tried the lotion was amazed that she could wash her hands and still her hands were comfortable and soft!


February 2013 Testimonials

Kay in IL: I love the Bee Silk lotion bar! I keep it in my desk drawer at work. It's not greasy and I can handle papers without leaving any prints on them. I have to wash my hands alot and the beeswax helps to protect them. Thanks for a great product!

Connie via the survey: My hands get dry from washing my hands quite a bit & skin is drier in the winter time. The hard lotion works great. I wash my hands a lot and in the winter my skin is drier but this works great and its easy to use and travel with and love that its not liquid

Pam in OH: I get very dry hands from washing dishes. The hard lotion was very effective for this. My infant son had eczema on hiss tummy, arms, and legs. After using the BeeSilk Jr. once, it was gone! in the DIY kit,the instructions were easy to understand and the products turned out just like I had hoped they would. I also made the diaper cream which was super easy and works fabulous! It's safe and gentle on the skin and clears up rashes very quickly. It's also compatible with my new cloth diapers so I'm one satisfied customer!

Amy from CA: I used BeeSilk Jr on my baby bump almost daily from 30 weeks until delivery. The last week of my pregnancy, I spotted 4 bug-bite sized marks, but other than that, no stretch marks at all! Would I have gotten stretch marks without using BeeSilk Jr? No way to tell. But I am very happy with the way it kept my skin hydrated. It is also great for my cold climate, as it softens so much easier than the regular bars. Regarding the lip balm, I like the tingle and smell of the peppermint balm. Natural, Peppermint, Au Chocolat: all do a fantastic job keeping my lips in good shape.

Theresa from MN: The hard lotion doesn't feel greasy and doesn't wear off the skin right away. With the hair butter, our hair feels so soft and silky! It's our favorite hair product to use! I LOVE the lip balms! I carry two with me in my purse all time. It keeps my lips soft and it does't wear off right away.

Kim via the survey: I have eczema on my face, arms and legs, have had this since a child.  i used hard lotion for the skin above my lips that were dry and deeply cracked. after using the beesilk the cracks healed within 5 days of use. The rash is still there but i'm happy the skin is healed. I love the natural lip balm. It's everything I need without all of the chemicals.

Lisa via the survey: I have contact dermititas on one hand and the arch of both feet. The hard lotion really helped the skin with the itching & the white flakey,helped the moisture stay in those areas. Thanks so much Renee,you have an awesome product.

Sara in KS: With a new baby (lots of diaper changes) and a dry winter climate, I wash my hands frequently leaving them dry with occasional cracks and bleeding. I shudder to think how bad my hands would be if I didn't use beesilk regularly. After giving birth and the hospital stay my lips were extremely dry. After a few days of using the natural lip balm my lips were smooth again. Both my husband and I are extremely pleased with your products. My husband does not like to use any other lotion because they feel greasy and less effective than the hard lotion. I like it because a couple minutes after putting it on I don't feel slimy, yet I can tell the lotion is still protecting my hands. The order processing and shipping are fast! I am always surprised how quickly the products arrive.

Tracie via the survey:  I had a dry and cracked area on my finger for months. I tried several products before finding the Au Chocolat bar. After using the bar my skin is back to normal!

Rhonda via the survey: My hands crack and bleed easily, especially in the cold weather. Same is true for my husband's hands. The hard lotion is great stuff!  I use the natural lip balm on my hands, when I am either not at home (and need to apply lotion quickly and "neatly") or when I am busy doing things around the house and need to keep my hands from cracking and bleeding (which can occur in certain parts of my hands when I am busy). It works great! I have not tried it yet as a lip balm. I had contacted you at one point with a question regarding putting the Soothing Rash Cream in a lip balm tube (b/c my dermatologist had recommended using a lotion with zinc oxide); but it turns out that the natural lip balm works very well at healing my hands. The Bee Silk also works great at sealing/healing small cuts or skin problems anywhere on the body. I may try one of the tinted lip balms as a heal and conceal cream, if the color will match my skin tone (I haven't checked them out yet for that).

Susan via the survey: I love the scent of the Au Chocolat lotion bar and the way it soaks into my skin. I like to put it on before going to bed, and wake up with nice, soft hands. Love the lip balms and their natural ingredients.

Jenny in IL: I love the hard lotion bar, although started using it in Chicago in January and I found it was too cold if I left it on the counter. I started carrying around in my pocket to soften it and make it easier to apply. Love the lip balms. Use them on my kids too and I love that they are just a few ingredients and all natural. The product that made the most difference on my hands was actually the goat milk soap. It's amazing. My hands actually look normal (not red, cracked and dry) for the first time in a long time. I will be buying many more of your soaps!

Lisa Queen in MN: I am a hygienist and wash my hands many times day so my hands are dry especially in the winter. I like how the hard lotion felt like it left a protective layer on my hands. MN winters chap my lips every year-your lip balm seemed to last longer than most "chap sticks" that I have tried. I didn't buy the tinted.

Claudia via the survey: We only deal with average, dry, winter skin. I am a homeschooling mom and spend the day cooking and therefore washing my hands constantly which leaves me with dry (sometimes painfully dry) hands. My 3 young girls (9, 9 and 11) deal with normal dry skin from lots of hand washing as well. We absolutely LOVE the Beesilk lotion bar! It has been a huge blessing to find such a wonderful product made from only 3 amazingly healthy ingredients!

Jennifer in MS: I bought the Second Life Hair Butter for my 4yo daughter's very fine hair. This winter her hair is very dry and so it easily tangles and gets matted. This hair butter has brought back her soft silky little girl hair!

Becky in TX:  I bought the baby edition, and I'm so glad I did! I made a batch of the Bee Silk Jr. I feel totally comfortable putting it on my newborn's skin. I plan to make the diaper rash cream next. As for the tinted lip balm, the balm feels a little heavy. I'm not a fan of the tint (crimson rose). I will buy untinted for future purposes.


Using Beesilk hard lotion and Beesilk Jr

Sara wrote this to me on February 3rd: 


I emailed you back in late December about my son who has severe

eczema. I was asking about which you would recommend - the junior or hard

lotion. We ended up ordering the small size of both. I can tell you what a

huge difference it has made in his skin. He still has eczema, but this is

the first product we have ever tried (he's almost 4 and it's been going

on almost since birth) that has not aggravated his skin. His pediatrician

is amazed. When we were in this morning she had looked up your lotion since our

last visit and asked if he was still using it. His skin is soft. It still

has red, scaly patches, but it's no longer red, dry, and chafed looking.

I can't thank you enough, what a difference it has made in his life!


I asked her to tell me more about how she used the Beesilk hard lotion bar and the Beesilk Jr, and she replied: 

I like each of the lotions for different spots on him. I like the bar for his legs, tummy, and back. I like the junior for his face, ears, hands, and arms. We usually give him a nice rubdown after his bath, just before bed, and put socks on his hands and feet (helps keep the lotion on his skin and soak in and keeps him from scratching all night. I like the bar for those areas that can tolerate more vigorous rubbing and the junior for spots where he is really irritated or more delicate skin. I had also ordered the goat's milk soap last time. We are pleased with that product as well. I was surprised it lathers as much as it does actually. His skin feels clean, not dry or stripped.


January 2013 Testimonials

Tracy in FL: Hard lotion keeps my hands moist for most of the day and doesn't just wash off! :) Thanks for the great product, I love it !!!

Cynthia in IL: My daughter started getting dry patches on her rear. I had really bad, rough elbows, enough to cut people. I had tried every lotion out there and still no relief. Since using Beesilk, my elbows are now very soft and I don't ever notice that they get dry. I was putting the lotion on every day but now it is just whenever I think about it. I bought the Beesilk Jr for my daughter; she was getting dry patches on her rear. The dry patches are gone and she LOVES to put the lotion on. My son loves to put the lotion on too. Regarding the Second Life Hair Butter: I was having an issue with dry scalp. I cleaned out everything in my shower. Bought hair mud and detoxed my hair and my daughters hair. We use this when we get out of the shower just for a little shine and softness. The first day I received the hair butter my daughter took a shower right away so she could use it. I used it on her and you thought it was Christmas. She was so happy and said, "I want to use this everytime; Can I??" She had everyone smell her hair and told them all about it. I tell EVERYONE about MadeOn. I just love everything about it. I love how fast you ship it when I ordered. I will be ordering more here soon because my daughter loves the JR and the hair butter.

Ruth in Ontario: I have a home childcare and winter means cracked bleeding hands due to all the extra washing with cold/flu season. This is the first year that my hands have not been cracked and bleeding! I have recommended the hard lotion to many of my friends and all have been happy with the product and also placed additional orders!

Eliz in TX: I bought the product for my husband's severe skin problem. Unfortunately I bought the Au Choc by mistake and he didn't like the smell but he loved the product. I LOVED the tinted lip balm. The shade was perfect and I don't need to apply it nearly as often as Chapstick.

Dorynne in NY: Great communication, fast delivery. Amazing product.

Sabrina: I have dry and cracking skin in the winter. When I use the hard lotion, it's very helpful. (I don't always remember to put lotion on, which is my own fault.) I like that it doesn't feel heavy, but works better than most things I've tried. I love the natural lip balm. It's my favorite product. It smells nice, goes on well without being greasy, and really keeps my lips from cracking.

Rachel in Alaska: I have very dry hands during winter and chapped, sometimes cracked lips. The Beesilk is very helpful for my hands. It's the first product I've used that actually seems to be healing them. They do not get as dry in between uses. I'm pretty amazed. I did have to get used to the oiliness of it, although it does soak in after awhile.

Lorie: I get dry, cracked fingers in the winter. It takes a few days of using the hard lotion bar but it's the only thing I've found that works.

Leslie: I bought the kit to make hard lotion bars, it was great.

Dianne: I bought a kit to make hard lotion for Christmas gifts. Loved it!

Olivia in NC: The Second Life Hair Butter has helped my hair very much!! thank you that it is made from very basic simple ingredients or I would not be able to use it!

Kristine: I purchased all three colors of the tinted lip balm. . . LOVED the plum one. Quite dramatic. However, of the three, the plum one seemed to firm up over time more than the others. I now use it with a gloss on top, or it seems to settle into the cracks on my lips. But I still like it.

Heidi: I have dry hands and heels sometimes - I buy your products for my 2 year old who has slight seasonal eczema. I love the bee silk - not too fond of the chocolate. Love the lip balm - haven't tried the colors ... Yet.

Dawn Glimp, OK: I have dry skin, sometimes, extremely dry. It was amazing how much the hard lotion bar helped. I have used some many products over the years, and have never had one help me so quickly and so easily. I simply love your products!! I do plan on trying more. Thank you so much!!!

Theresa in TX: I love the convenience of having a natural product and a solid lotion in my purse or for travel that won't leak that smells great (au chocolat) or not at all (beesilk) is a bonus. I am Caucasian living near Houston with frizzy hair. I only need a little hair butter rubbed on my hands to help control frizz. I bought the product to try a "natural" product. Regarding the lip balms, I love all of the ones I've purchased and bought a bunch to give as Christmas gifts. The tints aren't very tinted which I like.

Gretchen in SC: I bought the rash cream for chapped lips and a contact dermatitis rash around my toddler's face. I put it on several times throughout the day to keep her food/saliva from causing a rash around her mouth. It's not completely gone, but I haven't been successful at figuring out the cause yet. I feel much better about using this, though, than putting desitin on her face daily. Regarding the lip balms, I would be happy with a little more color than what was in the tinted balms, but overall, I'm happy.

Zarah in CO:  My baby has very dry cheeks to the point where his skin gets cracked. I use the Bee silk hard lotion bar on my baby's cheeks and when I am consistent about it, his cheeks look much better by the end of the day. By the next morning, his cheeks are dry again and I do feel like I have to start the whole process over again, but they do look better than the previous day. The Bee Silk Jr wasn't as helpful with my baby's cheeks, but it works well for him and his older brother when it comes to using for after their baths or just for general use. I did find the rash cream a little hard to use at first because it was so hard, but it works well once it softens up a bit. I've used both the natural and tinted lip balms. I like them both. Best lip balm I've tried. As far as the tinted lip balm, I have the crimson rose and I love the color. I do wish there was more a pink color available. I'm looking forward to trying the other colors.



Beesilk Jr 


Here's a bit of a personal experience on just how much your lotion impacted my daughter's life for the better. My daughter has severe eczema on her face. It was so bad that she'd shriek in pain if I so much lightly brushed her cheek. Just completely heartbreaking. My baby was in so much pain, all the time. I'd tried Aquaphor as her doctor suggested - it'd didn't help at all. Then I found your website, and ordered the Beesilk Jr. I put it on her rash, persisting over her sad little shrieks, and reapplied it several times a day. About every other diaper change. A week later her pain was gone. The rash faded away. I can touch her little face without hurting her now. And she is so much happier now that she's not in pain anymore. I keep applying the beesilk Jr about 2-3 times a day now, and it's stayed gone the past few days. I am so grateful that I found this lotion, and even more so that I will be able to make it myself. That way I can be assured that I will always have it on hand for her so she won't have to hurt like that ever again.


You are welcome to post that somewhere on your website if you wish. I just wanted to let you know that your product made such an enormous difference - my tiny baby girl was in such horrible pain, and it's better now, all thanks to you and your lotion. Thank you Renee. Thank you so, so much. I will always feel grateful about this.



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