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Katie at KitchenStewardship:

My husband sometimes calls himself “malady man.” He’s had weird, unexplained maladies that no doctor can figure out rather too often. Who knows if they’ll all turn out to be different manifestations of a gluten sensitivity or something else we discover as we go grain-free for a spell! One of them was finally pegged as eczema, and I’ve been making him use my Hard Lotion from MadeOnon his cracked hands, when he remembers (men!). It makes headway, for sure!

Tsh at SimpleMom:

My favorite product she sent me, though, is the Hair Butter (sweetly named Second Life). Oh, the hair butter. You know how I only wash my hair with baking soda. Well, I think I’ve just replaced my apple cider vinegar rinse with a few dabs of the Hair Butter (with ingredients shea butter, coconut oil, beeswax, and orange essential oil). My hair looks amazing with this stuff, if I say so myself. And I love the scent.

Stephanie from Keeper of the Home:

I've struggled with dry, itchy and painful eczema on my hands for a long time. Some things have made a big difference (like cod liver oil, eating less sugar, keeping my stress down and my sleep up, wearing gloves, etc.).

Other things have never really made much of a difference, including the zilllion types of lotion that I have tried over the years. We tried almost everything and though some lotions helped a little, none of them really gave the relief that I needed. Until I tried MadeOn Hard Lotion bars.

Jessica from Life As Mom:

I love it that this lotion comes in bar  form because I can rub the bar on just the backs of my hands, not the palms, and avoid that sticky feeling I get from lotion. And that they are free of chemicals makes them all the more wonderful and convenient to use.

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I rub it on my heels at night, put on socks and after a few days my heels are smooth!

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